Sunday, 11 October 2009


Hello and welcome to my new family blog! I am the proud mother to the James Family who live a groovy vegan lifestyle in East England. Ten years ago my husband Kirk and myself were stressed out and riddled with illness. We hit rock bottom and decided to simplify our lives.
We quit our jobs, became vegan and now live on a two hundered year old farm where we grow all our own organic food. We feel free on our vegan farm, where we have taken a step back from the 'consumer culture'.

As a family we aim to limit our involvement with unmeaningful ‘jobs,’ cars, processed food, television, advertising, cigarettes, drugs/medicines, machines, plastics, meat, shops, and even computers! The list goes on and on. Of course we live ‘here’ so we are still have involvement with some of these things, but we like to think that we are on the ‘Path to Freedom.”

We are creating our farm into a space to gather round, share lovely food, gripping stories, heartfelt songs, joyful laughter, passionate ideas and our love for the earth. We want a space where our children feel safe to play, look each other in the eye and ‘wear their heart on their sleeve,’ free to express themselves and ask for what they want. When a child is struggling we offer support and encourage self-responsibility.

Though others may think we’re crazy or ‘extreme,’ we feel the strong inner knowing that we are on the path meant for us. If you are as crazy as us, come by for a visit and share your beautiful self!

Four years ago we were blessed with a little girl who we called Ava. Like her siblings, Ava has been vegan since birth and lives on a 100% wholefoods vegan diet. She is homeschooled, loves animals and is full of adult wisdom.

Ava spends the majority of her time outdoors, on our 150 acre farm. We like the fact that Ava is growing up living close to the earth, foraging for wild foods, grazing in the garden, eating RAW, connecting with people heart-to-heart and being free-spirited.
Two years after Ava was born we were blessed with another child, a boy we called Lexus (Lex).

Lex followed in his sister's footsteps with a love of nature and the outdoors. He is a calm and intelligent little boy, who is happy to spend hours splashing in muddy puddles.

Last month we welcomed a new baby into our growing family, a little girl we called Mova (Momo).

We always describe ourselves as a conventional family living a unconventional life. Welcome to our family blog!


  1. I love the pictures guys! It was lovely to see you all the other day. I look forward to your posts.

  2. What lovely photos. Your children are adorable.

  3. Gosh, so nice to see a new vegan family blog.

    Hubby and I have been married for 10 years, and are planning to start a family next year, so its really heartening to see other vegans with healthy little ones :)

  4. Your kids are beautiful.. looking forward to more posts! :)