Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Homemade snack bars

I don't know about you, but my family just love snack bars!
I'm not talking kitkats or marsbars here, I'm talking about homemade organic vegan bars that are just bursting with healthy goodness.

Want to see?

I'm growing my kiddos on vegan goodness like this

...and on organic sugar free lollipops of course!

Everyone knows that there is nothing better that a lollipop!

Just look at that cheeky grin.

That is what eating too many lollipops does to a girl!

Anyway, you one can't live just on lollipops (sadly) so back to the snack bars....

Here is what you need to make these lovely snacks yourself :

40g rolled oats

40g sunflower seeds

40g pumpkin seeds

Handful of sesame seeds

3-4 tbsp something sticky (golden syrup, date syrup, honey etc.)

What to do:

Start by heating up a non-stick pan and dry frying the seeds over a medium heat. Add the oats and fry for 3 mins. Add the sunflower and pumpkin seeds and fry for 2 minutes.
Take care – the pumpkin seeds may pop a little!
Take the pan off the heat. Stir in your choice of stickyness – it will sizzle at first but keep stirring until the oats and seeds are coated. Allow to cool slightly.
Line a 20cm x 10cm baking tin with greaseproof paper.
Spread the mixture evenly on the paper and line another one on top of the mixture.
Use a presser (or chopping board) to apply pressure to the mixture.
Chill for at least 1 hour, or until solid. Turn it out of the tin and peel off the greaseproof paper. If you have problems peeling off the paper, leave it at room temperature for 1 min and try again. Cut into bars.

Keep it in an air-tight container and store in the fridge. Best to be consumed within a week (or hour if necessary!)


  1. Yum, those bars sound gooood! Your family sounds stunning, and your pictures are amazing - keep it up!

  2. Ummm....Why on earth have you put 'honey' as one of the choices for a sticky binding agent??!! Can you edit it please as it's obviously not vegan! Why would you want people to think that would be acceptable?!

  3. Teenagedvegan - thanks for you kind comments.

    Concerned - I myself don't eat honey but I happen to know that some vegans do choose to eat honey. I'm not condoing it, just giving it as a choice. It is up to each person to decided what is right for them, and if honey plays a part in that. I hope that clears the issue up for you.
    Although I dont eat honey myself, I've never really understood the arguments against it. If you have any information about honey that you could share with me then I would be happy to have a read/post about it.
    Thanks for you comment!